Fyfield and West Overton Parish Council

Emergency Response

Community Emergency Team

The Community Emergency Team has developed the Parish Emergency Plan to provide immediate assistance in the event of an unforeseen major emergency in which the public services are unable to cope temporarily: for example in the event of a severe snowfall or a prolonged power outage. The Emergency Plan covers the 3 villages in Parish; Fyfield (Upper and Lower) , Lockeridge and West Overton. The location that is designated for use as the Team’s base in an emergency situation is the Kennet Valley Hall. While the Parish Emergency Team is not a formal Parish Council sub Committee, the Council has provided some funding to support its requirements and receives regular reports on progress. The Parish had been active in setting up its Emergency Plan several years ago and a Team was reconvened during 2017 with representatives from the 3 villages and the Kennet Valley Hall Management Committee. The Team re-established contact with a number of key agencies including Wiltshire County Council and the local Police and utility service suppliers. The emergency medical and communications kit was re checked and regular updates with ‘top tips’ are placed in the Upper Kennet News for local residents.

Contact Team Lead; Jill Turner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Mobile; 07900 223345


Community Emergency

When you dial 999 the operator will ask which service you require and your telephone number because, if the line is cut, or you are unable to continue the call, the operator can trace your call and send the emergency services to your assistance. If you need more than one emergency service, prioritize; ask for the most important one first.

Dealing with an emergency - In an emergency it will almost certainly mean police, fire and ambulance services involvement. The emergency services are supported by Wiltshire Emergency Planning Service which has a Community Emergency Volunteer in your local area. If necessary other departments from Wiltshire Council will also give assistance.  

Emergency evacuation of Houses – The Police may ask you to leave your home. Their prime responsibility is your safety and they will know more than you about the level of danger. They will probably ask you to go to a Rest Centre which may be Kennet Valley Hall, school or someone’s home. If you decide to go anywhere else, let someone know so you can be accounted for.

If there is a risk of flooding – keep an emergency pack with a torch, radio with spare batteries, candles and matches. Protect doorways with sand bags if you have them or black bin bags with soil in. Turn off gas and electricity; move as much as you can including food and drinking water upstairs. If you need advice call the Environment Agency Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or visit the websites https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/ and  www.environment-agency.gov.uk Further advice is available on the Wiltshire Council website wiltshire.gov.uk under flooding.

If severe storm is threatened – Tie down loose items outside that cannot be brought in, stay indoors, preferably downstairs, close curtains and keep pets in. If gas, electricity or water is cut off notify the relevant service.

If the emergency involves Chemicals, radiation accidents, toxic fumes & smoke – stay indoors, shut all door and windows and tune into your local radio station

Damage to property and possessions– Accidents, storms or flooding can leave a trail of destruction. Proper insurance, cover for property and possessions can ease much of the distress. Council or housing associations will repair the buildings they own, but tenants should check whether they need to insure their personal possessions themselves.

Radio Frequencies

§BBC Radio Wiltshire FM 104.9MHz Marlborough Area


§BBC Radio Swindon FM103.6MHz


§Heart FM 96.5MHz Marlborough

§Useful Telephone Numbers

§SSE Distribution ( Electricity) 0800 048 3516

§Thames Water 0800 980 8800

§Environment Agency Floodline 0845 988 1188

§Wiltshire Council, Emergency Planning Service,Trowbridge 0300 4560100

Emergencies https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/civil-emergencies