Fyfield and West Overton Parish Council


Traffic issues are important issues for local residents and a variety of traffic related issues have been addressed within the Parish in recent years; most notably those relating to speeds and safety which continue to be major causes of concern. Wiltshire Council has developed a procedure for local traffic issues which the Parish Councils must follow; 1) The Parish Council is required to consider all such requests and if agreed, to commit to funding 25% of the cost of any proposed works if the request is approved eventually by the Marlborough Area Community Area Transport Group (CATG). 2) If supported locally, the request is submitted by the Parish Council to the CATG which meets on a quarterly basis. 3) The CATG considers all request for traffic related issues from the Marlborough Area. It has a limited budget and therefore approved requests are ranked in a priority order to receive financial support. Funding is allocated to the highest ranked five schemes only. 4) Following acceptance by CATG it may be necessary for a Wiltshire Council Highways Engineer to visit the site in order to assess the situation, to submit a professional opinion on the request and to provide a costing estimate. 5) In due course, schemes rise through the priority listing to receive funding although requests may not be funded during the financial year in which they were submitted due to financial restrictions. In recent years the Parish Council and local volunteers; the Fyfield, Lockeridge and West Overton Traffic Group have addressed a range of local traffic issues and produced the ‘Village Traffic Plan’ in September 2013. The Plan identified a range of issues; some affecting the entire Parish and others relating to each village. Several solutions were proposed with the aim of keeping local roads safe and preserving the rural quality of the historic Kennet Valley; a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Plan was accepted formally by Wiltshire Council and has resulted in a number of changes and improvements. The Parish Council provides updates on traffic matters in ‘Upper Kennet News’